Lock-On Floors

Effective Flooring Surfaces

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Applications

  • Visible locking design

  • Available in both Coin & Leather Grain pattern

  • Chamfered coin profile for easy maintenance

  • Available in: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red & Yellow

  • Allows for full customization by the client.

Lock on floor logo Black.jpg


  • Recycled Content

  • Easy to install locking system

  • Easy to maintain

  • Fire retardant,

  • Non-slip,

  • Chemical resistant

  • Available in 333mm x 333mm

  • Install lose lay or adhered to a substrate


Durability at it's best

A highly durable and adaptable flooring option, combining elegance and hard-wearing into an overall effective product. The tiles use an interlocking feature with an easy snap in place, they can be adhered to the floor or installed without being glued down as to move them if need be. A specially designed backing structure is integrated into the tile to support and maintain a ridged profile, this reduces the bending and flexing of the tile.


Unrivaled Performance

Our product offers an unlimited colour bank, so our clients can choose their customizable floor. Manufactured from PVC compound , as well as a simple chamfered dome system within the design, reduces the likelihood slipping in both wet and dry conditions.
All coloured product are food grade quality, as these are manufactured from 100% Virgin PVC. No bacteria is able to grow on its surface ensuring a sanitary work environment.

Latest installation done for one of our clients, fully bonded to the screed for maximum performance and load bearing for the support of a Hyster. Industrial fabricating laser cutting workshop.